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In terms of land area, Europe may be the second-smallest continent but the 50 or so European countries offer an extraordinary diversity, from Russia in the north to Greece in the south, west to the Azores and east to the border of Asia.

The countries of Western Europe are prosperous and stable and first in mind for family holidays, while some of the Central and Eastern European states are luring budget-minded travelers keen to enjoy the sun outside the pricey Eurozone.

Travelers visiting Europe have a wealth of holiday itineraries from which to choose: touring Ireland’s Burren limestone plateau, seeing the Northern Lights in Sweden or Norway and exploring the French villages in Provence, skiing in the Swiss Alps or relaxing on a beach in the Greek islands.

Europe’s jewel-like capitals have a captivating charm, with unique cultural, architectural and historic characters and sites. Romantic Paris is renowned as the beautiful City of Lights; stately Vienna was the center of the Habsburg Empire for more than 600 years; stunning spire-dotted Prague is a gem of art and architecture, while medieval Krakow was once Poland’s capital and seat of kings.

Comparison of the market price with our prices

AirportDestination United Kingdom PriceOur Price
New York JFKUnited Kingdom – London$3,524$2,610
Atlanta ATLUnited Kingdom – London$3,335$2,734
Miami MIAUnited Kingdom – London$3,490$2,644
Chicago ORDUnited Kingdom – London$3,467$2,865
Dallas DFWUnited Kingdom – London$3,696$3,005
Houston IAHUnited Kingdom – London$4,078$3,043
Los Angeles LAXUnited Kingdom – London$4,445$3,317
San Francisco SFOUnited Kingdom – London$4,675$3,463
AirportDestination GreecePriceOur Price
New York JFKGreece – Athens$3,266$2,474
Atlanta ATLGreece – Athens$3,555$2,938
Miami MIAGreece – Athens$3,868$2,783
Chicago ORDGreece – Athens$3,359$2,666
Dallas DFWGreece – Athens$3,756$3,266
Houston IAHGreece – Athens$3,580$2,887
Los Angeles LAXGreece – Athens$4,182$3,168
San Francisco SFOGreece – Athens$3,945$2,901
AirportDestination Italy PriceOur Price
New York JFKItaly – Rome$3,227$2,373
Atlanta ATLItaly – Rome$3,898$3,169
Miami MIAItaly – Rome$4,024$2,874
Chicago ORDItaly – Rome$3,922$3,017
Dallas DFWItaly – Rome$4,042$3,368
Houston IAHItaly – Rome$3,684$2,995
Los Angeles LAXItaly – Rome$4,577$3,494
San Francisco SFOItaly – Rome$4,431$3,211
AirportDestination France PriceOur Price
New York JFKFrance – Paris$3,405$2,619
Atlanta ATLFrance – Paris$3,604$2,883
Miami MIAFrance – Paris$3,974$2,944
Chicago ORDFrance – Paris$3,119$2,437
Dallas DFWFrance – Paris$3,671$2,937
Houston IAHFrance – Paris$3,700$3,083
Los Angeles LAXFrance – Paris$4,698$3,480
San Francisco SFOFrance – Paris$4,512$3,223
AirportDestination Netherlands  PriceOur Price
New York JFKNetherlands – Amsterdam$3,463$2,546
Atlanta ATLNetherlands – Amsterdam$3,876$3,177
Miami MIANetherlands – Amsterdam$3,349$2,537
Chicago ORDNetherlands – Amsterdam$3,180$2,544
Dallas DFWNetherlands – Amsterdam$3,889$3,214
Houston IAHNetherlands – Amsterdam$3,708$3,015
Los Angeles LAXNetherlands – Amsterdam$4,853$3,622
San Francisco SFONetherlands – Amsterdam$4,775$3,537
AirportDestination Germany  PriceOur Price
New York JFKGermany – Berlin$3,825$2,833
Atlanta ATLGermany – Berlin$3,405$2,791
Miami MIAGermany – Berlin$3,799$2,878
Chicago ORDGermany – Berlin$2,987$2,469
Dallas DFWGermany – Berlin$4,237$3,445
Houston IAHGermany – Berlin$4,228$3,155
Los Angeles LAXGermany – Berlin$4,142$3,091
San Francisco SFOGermany – Berlin$4,851$3,515

Most beautiful cities in Europe to visit

Europe is a fascinating continent full of culture, history, and stunning architecture. From charming cobblestone streets to awe-inspiring cathedrals, it can be hard to pick which cities are the beautiful cities in Europe to visit. There is something special about Paris, the ‘City of Lights’ with its iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. For something more traditional London’s Big Ben and Buckingham Palace will make you feel like royalty. And who could forget romantic Venice as well as Spain’s lively Barcelona? Any traveler would be fortunate to experience some of these most beautiful cities in Europe!

Best City in Western EuropeParis, France
Best City in Northern EuropeOslo, Norway
Best City in Central EuropeVienna, Austria
Best City in Eastern EuropeBudapest, Hungary

Flight Times to Popular Destinations in Europe

  Airport  Destination  Average Flight Time
LAX – Los AngelesParis10 hours 40 minutes
JFK – New YorkRome8 hours 30 minutes
ATL – AtlantaManchester8 hours 0 minutes
ORD – ChicagoBarcelona18 hours 25 minutes
IAH – HoustonAmsterdam9 hours 10 minutes
IAD – Washington DCFlorence15 hours 5 minutes

Best airlines business class to Europe from US

Cheap business class flight to Europe

Traveling to Europe from the U.S. can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it’s important to choose the best airlines for your business class flight. With the many different choices available, it may seem difficult to decide which airline will best fit your needs. To make traveling easier and more luxurious, consider flying with one of the best airlines for business class travel to Europe from the United States:

  • Lufthansa,
  • Qatar Airways,
  • Singapore Airlines,
  • Emirates,
  • Delta
  • Air Lines,
  • British Airways,
  • KLM.

Each of these airlines has its own unique benefits and features that can transform your business travel into a truly remarkable experience – ensuring that you arrive at your European destination relaxed, refreshed, and with time to spare.

Which airlines offer premium lounges on their business class flights to Europe?

Highlights include pre-boarding perks, delicious gourmet meals and a complimentary bar selection. British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa are just a few of the airlines that offer premium lounges on their business class flights to Europe.

Which airlines offer fully flat bed seats on business class flights to Europe?


If you’re planning a business trip to Europe, there is no better way to travel than in full comfort with a flat bed seat. Numerous airlines now offer fully flat bed seats on business class flights to Europe, such as British Airways, Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa German Airlines. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business in Europe, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your journey will be comfortable and relaxed with one of these airlines. Plus, many of them also offer services such as check-in assistance and early boarding so that your entire travel experience is seamless from start to finish.

What is the cheapest way to upgrade to business class on economy?

When looking for the cheapest way to upgrade to business class on economy, it can be difficult to know where to start. Some airlines offer loyalty schemes, allowing frequent flyers to build up points which can later be used towards upgrades. This is a great option if you are loyal to one particular airline and fly often. Alternatively, you could use airline credit cards to collect points when booking flights or shopping with one of their partners. Additionally, depending on the popularity of each flight, certain airlines may proactively reach out to regular economy passengers about possible seat upgrades for a relatively small fee. Always be prepared to ask the staff when you check in – they may have discounts available that you didn’t previously know about!

Business class upgrades are pretty rare. If you really want to fly business class on the cheap, one way to guarantee it is to contact us for a deeply discounted airfare.

What’s the weather like in Europe?

Europe generally enjoys pleasant weather during the summer months, although the temperature depends on which country you are visiting. Although countries like Norway have much cooler temperatures than the south of Europe, due to its proximity to the Arctic circle, most areas are comfortably warm for tourists and locals. The winter months in Europe vary in temperature range, from chilly in Italy all the way down to balmy in Spain. Each area has its individual variations too; it might be snowing one morning in Scotland and sunny skies all day in Italy! The many climatic differences between regions means that Europe offers a variety of climates and experiences for travelers, whatever time of year you choose to visit.

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