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Rome is one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans. The city is rich in history and culture, and there are plenty of sights to see and things to do. If you’re planning a trip to Rome, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, the flight from the United States to Italy is typically around 9 hours long. You’ll want to make sure you have a comfortable seat and pack a few snacks for the journey. Second, Rome is located in the Mediterranean climate zone, so the weather is typically warm and sunny. However, it can get quite hot during the summer months, so be sure to pack light clothing. Third, Rome is known for its traffic congestion. If you’re renting a car, be prepared for bumper-to-bumper traffic and allow extra time for travel between destinations. Finally, don’t forget to try some of the city’s famous food! From pasta and pizza to gelato and espresso, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Rome.

5 Useful Tips for Traveling to Rome

  • Start with the basics: the Colosseum, the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. These are Rome’s must-see attractions, and you’ll be able to check them off your list quickly.
  • Don’t try to do too much in one day. Rome is a large city, and it can be overwhelming if you try to pack too much into one day. Break up your sightseeing into manageable chunks and take time to rest in between.
  • Make use of public transportation. Rome’s public transportation system is efficient and easy to use, so there’s no need to rent a car or take taxis everywhere you go.
  • Sample the local food. Roman cuisine is delicious, so make sure to sample some of the local specialties like carbonara and cacio e pepe.
  • Take some time to relax. Yes, there’s a lot to see in Rome.

The Best Places to Visit in Rome

The Colosseum: One of Rome’s most iconic landmarks, the Colosseum is a must-see for any visitor to the city. Built over 2000 years ago, this massive amphitheatre was once used for public entertainment, including gladiatorial fights and animal hunts. Today, it is a popular tourist destination, offering insights into Roman history and architecture.

The Vatican: The Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world, and it is also home to some of the most important religious sites in Christianity. A visit to the Vatican would not be complete without seeing St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, both of which are renowned for their art and beauty.

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in Rome. The majestic fountain stands 26 meters tall and is adorned with statues, bas-reliefs, and baroque elements. The Trevi Fountain is also the largest baroque fountain in the world. The name “Trevi” comes from the triangle of land where the fountain is located. The Trevi Fountain is a popular tourist destination, and it is said that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you will be guaranteed a return trip to Rome. The Trevi Fountain is truly a sight to behold, and it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome.

Airports in Rome

Airports in Rome are served by two international airports, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport.

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, also known as Rome-Fiumicino Airport, is the larger of the two airports and is located about 19 kilometers southwest of Rome. It is a major hub for Italian flag carrier Alitalia and also serves as a base for low-cost carriers easyJet and Vueling.

Ciampino Airport, on the other hand, is located just south of Rome and mainly serves budget airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air. In addition to these two airports, there are also a number of smaller regional airports that serve Rome.

Best Time to Visit Rome

The best time to visit Rome is in the springtime. The weather is mild and pleasant, and the flowers are in bloom. Best of all, there are far fewer tourists during this shoulder season, so you can enjoy the city’s attractions without the crowds. If you’re looking for the ideal time to visit Rome, plan your trip for April or May.

Flying Time from United States to Rome

The total flight duration from United States to Rome, Italy is 11 hours, 15 minutes.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Rome

  • Delta Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Air France
  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines