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Cheap business class flights to Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, means “Smoky Bay” in old Norse. It is dubbed one of the “biggest small cities in the world” as nearly two-thirds of the country’s population dwell there, despite its relatively small size. The entire city was deemed a City of Literature by UNESCO for its “outstanding literary history” that envelopes the Norse sagas we know today. Despite infamous Nordic crime writers, Iceland does not experience many murders. The minister of justice announced there had been only 37 intentional homicides in the last 20 years of the entire country’s history. You should feel very safe traveling here.

Useful Tips for Traveling to Reykjavik

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

The water you’d buy in the stores is the same water that comes from the tap, so why waste the money? Especially when you learn that Iceland’s water is some of the best in the world. Closely monitored by an environmental team, Iceland’s natural spring water is free from nitrate, calcium, and chlorine, making it some of the cleanest and most refreshing.

Pack for Wild Weather

There is a term in Iceland: Gluggaveður. It means “window weather.” The term was coined after Icelanders would look out their windows at the sunny skies and then run outside, only to discover it was freezing. There is an average of 213 rainy days per year in Iceland so be sure to pack your rain gear.

Buy Booze at Duty-Free

The Duty-Free stores at the Keflavik Airport offer tax-free alcohol. You’re permitted to buy six units of booze when arriving and/or leaving the country. Take advantage, especially since alcohol is not sold at most grocery stores in Iceland.

What To Do in Reykjavik

Akurey Island

Reykjavik is the only capital city in the entire world that has a puffin breeding colony. Over half of the world’s puffins nest in Iceland every year, specifically Akurey Island. While this island is very small, more than 20,000 breeding pairs of puffins call it home.

Leif Erikson Statue

Outside of Hallgrimskirkja, the tallest building in Reykjavik, is the Leif Erikson statue. It was gifted by the United States in 1930 for the Althing Millennial Festival, which celebrated the 1,000th anniversary of Iceland’s Parliament. It’s worth a look.

Aurora Borealis

Outside of Nuuk, Greenland, Reykjavik is the only other capital city in the world where you can see the Northern Lights. People travel from thousands of miles to see this celestial magic.

What NOT to do in Reykjavik

Walk on Moss

Moss blankets over much of Iceland’s lava rocks. It is beautiful to look at but extremely fragile. Under the best circumstances, Iceland moss grows only 1cm ever year. This means that any slight tampering can mess with growth, which is exactly what has happened. Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You” music video shows him trampling all over Iceland’s precious moss fields, which instigated other tourists to do the same. In fact, many traveled to Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, one of the music video’s locations, and hurt the moss so much that the Environmental Agency of Iceland was forced to close the canyon temporarily to restore the landscape. Please be mindful while on your journey.

Ride the Train

There were plans to build a high-speed railroad between Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport, but no such plans came to fruition mostly due to the lack of need. Iceland’s population is small and its geography is complex; interweaving a railroad throughout the landscape may be more trouble than it’s worth.

There are two trains on display in Reykjavik, however. They used to run on a very small railroad during the early 20th century to help build the harbor breakwaters. Now, they are merely for historical display.

Eat McDonald’s

There is not a single McDonald’s in Reykjavik or the entire country of Iceland. There once was one Micky-Dees, but it closed in 2009 due to lack of demand. If you crave American fast food, don’t worry. You can still enjoy Taco Bell, Dominos, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

Main International Airports

There is an airport in Reykjavik but it is services only domestic flights. The Keflavik Airport, on the other hand, services international travel and accommodates business class flights.

Best Time to Visit Reykjavik

Iceland is a cold country. The highest recorded temperature in Reykjavik is 78.3 degrees Fahrenheit, which was recorded in July of 2008. July and August are the warmest months and can often see 24 hours of daylight. However, rain and intense winds are not foreign to summer months so be prepared.

Flying Time from United States to Reykjavik

A nonstop flight from DC to Reykjavik is not as long as it may seem; it’s only 6 hours on a nonstop flight. Voyagu can help find a business class flight that suits your schedule.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Reykjavik

Voyagu does not rank its valued airline partners, but we provide a list of airlines that offer both discounted business class airfare and last-minute business class deals to Reykjavik. Some of these may not have direct flights while instead arranging comforting connections:

  • United Airlines,
  • American Airlines,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • Lufthansa Airlines,
  • Air Canada.

For this specific destination, try IcelandAir.

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