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My agent Amanda at Voyagu was able to get me 3 tickets for my family in business class in July to Amsterdam for $2400 each. Amanda also reserved a boat cruise for us and made reservations at 212. Thank you! We can't wait for our much needed vacation.

Laurence Carson

Voyagu is a full service travel agency. I've used them 3x already and have purchased everything from travel insurance, hotels and shows. My agent Stephen helps me so much, I've had amazing trips so far. Flights have been great, shows have been memorable and although I haven't had a need to use the insurance it's good to know I had it.

Nora Hunt

I surprised my wife with an anniversary gift to Barcelona. Alec helped me with business class tickets and reservations at Disfrutar which is hard to get and at Cocina Hermanos. Alec has been great, I highly recommend him.

Nelson Stanley

Deals we’ve landed for our clients

San Francisco
$2500 (50%)
$525 (18%)
New York
$1,303 (31%)
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voyagu faq

Why book flights with Voyagu?

By booking flights with us you receive guaranteed savings for your flight lower than any available offers online or traditional travel agents, and support from your Voyagu Travel Expert throughout your entire trip.

Why do I need to work with a Voyagu Expert?

Your Voyagu Travel Expert has reliable expertise to find you the best deal by paying attention to all your travel details as they significantly impact the price of your flight. Your Travel Expert does all the search and comparison of options for you to save you time and becomes your 24/7 contact point for any potential queries at any moment of your trip.

What if I find a better deal myself?

We are part of the travel industry and have direct access to the largest travel inventory and even unpublished rates. However, if you do, we will try to find a way to match it.

How is Voyagu better than booking with airlines?

First of all we pick up a phone within 15 seconds and not in an hour as an average waiting time of the airline, and being transferred from one representative to another for another few hours. We deliver you deals and savings as well as solutions to all your potential queries. You communicate the way you prefer by phone, email, text, or messengers to only one person, your Voyagu Travel Expert who is all the time available for you.

Do I get the same benefits as booking with airlines?

By booking with us you get all travel-related benefits such as access to the lounge, luggage allowance, pre-selected seating, as well as mileage accumulation. If there are any special conditions for your offer your Voyagu Travel Expert will disclose all the details for you to make a decision prior to confirming the booking.

Is it safe to travel with Voyagu?

Voyagu is a safe, reputable company. We are partners with most top global airlines and travel organizations. We provide a transparent travel policy and all booking details for you prior to choosing our services.

What travel services can I book with Voyagu?

Voyagu travel experts provide a spectrum of hospitality and travel services. We book hotels, compare hotel prices and special offers and make personalized recommendations for hotels and lodging. We book transportation such as personal chauffeur, taxis, airport transfers, train tickets, and tickets for ferries and provide you with all the details of the pick locations, time schedules, and fares.

You can purchase with us travel and medical travel insurance and our travel experts will be on call to provide you with constant support and assistance. We check country visa formalities and can assist you in getting visas.

We organize restaurant reservations, and tickets for concerts, theaters, and museums and provide you with information about entertainment venues.