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What is the difference between business class and first class?

The main difference between the classes most people focus on is the price. Business class airfares are more expensive than economy tickets. Yet, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” When paying business class fares, you’re not just paying the airline to get you from A to B. You’re paying for the experience you enjoy while getting from A to B. You’re paying to have all of your needs met. Traveling can be a stressful experience for some. Paying for business class treatment is essentially paying to be less stressed. Who wouldn’t want that?

That being said, there are different tiers of luxury. There are slight variations between business and first class, but they are not as stark as the differences between business and economy class. The rule of thumb goes: the more money you spend, the more luxury you will enjoy. Everyone gets to enjoy the tier that is right for them.

What are the benefits of flying business class?

The benefits of flying business class greatly outweigh the detriments. Firstly, before you even get to your gate, most airlines offer dedicated check-ins for business class passengers. Some offer valet parking with curbside bag services, to make arriving and departing from the airport a seamless experience. Other airlines offer expedited security options for business class flyers, even if they do not have TSA pre-check. This will save you time, and let’s be honest, frustration. No one enjoys waiting in those long security lines. Elite airlines provide personal assistants to help them navigate complicates airports. Personal assistants don’t travel on the plane with you, but they’ll connect you to a specific flight attendant who has been prepped of your wants and needs and will cater to you while in flight.

Select airlines welcome business class passengers to their airport lounges as a more esteemed alternative to waiting in the gate. Many of these lounges come equipped with comfortable couches and/or reclining chairs, open bars and buffets, as well as electrical outlets and Wi-Fi. The most premium lounges have spas, showers, and/or private rooms for passengers who are weary from extensive travel. These lounges are much more comfortable than finding a cramped spot on the floor to squat until your plane boards.

In terms of boarding, business class passengers enjoy being welcomed onto the plane before economy passengers (after elderly passengers, military members, and travelers with disabilities, of course). This allows you extended time to situate your bag in the overhead cabin (which often has more volume than economy cabins) and get comfortable in your seat. Many flight attendants will offer you a beverage before the economy passengers are allowed to board.

While flying, business class allows you to enjoy the luxuries of top tier travel. Lay back in seats that recline more than economy seats, some reclining to a full 180 degrees. These seats are often thicker, more comfortable leather seats than those farther back on the plane. Business class seats are also wider and offer more legroom than their economy counterparts. There are fewer seats in the business cabin, allowing more space between each passenger. Each seat is angled to maximize privacy, with some planes even equipped with privacy doors. All planes provide amenity packages to business class passengers with gifts like slippers, pajamas, blankets, pillows, ear plugs, headphones, and more. Not to mention the food and drink options are much more than a step above economy options. Business class in-flight menus offer a la carte dining, full gourmet meals, snacks, and appetizers often served on fine China or crystal. Drink menus typically have a selection of champagnes, wines, liquors, and cocktails – and of course, the usual assortment of juices sodas.

What are the top airlines to fly business class?

While everyone’s experiences and expectations are subjective, there are certain airlines that are universally agreed to be the best in the business of business class. Here is an exhaustive list of top airlines Voyagu can secure discounted business class tickets from, in no particular order:

  1. British Airways
  2. Emirates
  3. Cathay Pacific
  4. Virgin Atlantic
  5. Etihad Airways
  6. Delta Air Lines
  7. Singapore Airlines
  8. All Nippon Airways
  9. Eva Air
  10. Qatar Airways

How do we find good deals on business class tickets?

Voyagu is an airline consolidator. What this means is that we work directly with airlines to secure tickets for our clients. Airlines sell tickets directly to passengers, but not all tickets get sold initially. Airlines offer these unoccupied tickets to airline consolidators at a discounted price and the consolidators, in turn, sell them on behalf of themselves and the airline. Once a relationship is established, consolidators commit to filling seats for an airline and are able to negotiate special deals because of this commitment. This symbiotic relationship between airline and consolidator is what leads business class passengers to reap the benefits of good deals.

Is it safe to buy business tickets from flight consolidators?

It is as safe to purchase business class flights from consolidators than it is to purchase them yourself online, if not more so. Consolidators provide personalized travel agents to help you organize your flight from start to finish. These agents know everything there is to know about travel and they often think of things travelers do not, such as arranging travel from the airport to your hotel after a midnight-flight. They will often know about discounted business class tickets before you do. These agents provide constant support and are completely transparent about all flight details. They keep you in the loop, but they also manage the difficult details so you don’t have to.

The symbiotic relationship between airlines and consolidators proves its legitimacy. Airlines wouldn’t continue to reach out to consolidators if they didn’t follow through on their commitment to secure many flights. Similarly, consolidators would not continue to reach out to airlines if they didn’t have many interested parties, hopefully, like you.

Why book flights with Voyagu?

By booking flights with us you receive guaranteed savings for your flight lower than any available offers online or traditional travel agents, and support from your Voyagu Travel Expert throughout your entire trip.

Why do I need to work with a Voyagu Expert?

Your Voyagu Travel Expert has reliable expertise to find you the best deal by paying attention to all your travel details as they significantly impact the price of your flight. Your Travel Expert does all the search and comparison of options for you to save you time and becomes your 24/7 contact point for any potential queries at any moment of your trip.

What if I find a better deal myself?

We are part of the travel industry and have direct access to the largest travel inventory and even unpublished rates. However, if you do, we will try to find a way to match it.

How is Voyagu better than booking with airlines?

First of all we pick up a phone within 15 seconds and not in an hour as an average waiting time of the airline, and being transferred from one representative to another for another few hours. We deliver you deals and savings as well as solutions to all your potential queries. You communicate the way you prefer by phone, email, text, or messengers to only one person, your Voyagu Travel Expert who is all the time available for you.

Do I get the same benefits as booking with airlines?

By booking with us you get all travel-related benefits such as access to the lounge, luggage allowance, pre-selected seating, as well as mileage accumulation. If there are any special conditions for your offer your Voyagu Travel Expert will disclose all the details for you to make a decision prior to confirming the booking.

Is it safe to travel with Voyagu?

Voyagu is a safe, reputable company. We are partners with most top global airlines and travel organizations. We provide a transparent travel policy and all booking details for you prior to choosing our services.

What travel services can I book with Voyagu?

Voyagu travel experts provide a spectrum of hospitality and travel services. We book hotels, compare hotel prices and special offers and make personalized recommendations for hotels and lodging. We book transportation such as personal chauffeur, taxis, airport transfers, train tickets, and tickets for ferries and provide you with all the details of the pick locations, time schedules, and fares.

You can purchase with us travel and medical travel insurance and our travel experts will be on call to provide you with constant support and assistance. We check country visa formalities and can assist you in getting visas.

We organize restaurant reservations, and tickets for concerts, theaters, and museums and provide you with information about entertainment venues.