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Cheap business class flights to Madrid

Madrid is an ancient city. The first historical record of the city’s existence dates back to the year 865 when Umayyad Emir Muhammad I commissioned the construction of a fortress in Mayrit, specifically to protect lands south of the Manzanares river from attacks from the northern kingdoms of León and Castile. This river is partly what gives Madrid its earliest name of “Magerit,” meaning“place of abundant water.” The city’s name has evolved since its conception. The original name was “Ursaria” due to the large number of bears that used to inhabit that region. This beautiful city is rich in history and hidden fun facts.

Useful Tips for Traveling to Madrid

Get Accustomed to Spanish Mealtimes

Spanish mealtimes are very different than American mealtimes. To start the day off, locals tend to eat two breakfasts instead of one. The first generally takes place first thing in the morning and the second takes place in the late morning, generally around 10 or 11 am. Lunch normally starts around 2 pm while dinner normally starts around 9 pm (at the earliest). Restaurants typically open for lunch around 1:30 and close around 4 pm. Dinner establishments open around 9 and their kitchens tend to close around midnight. Don’t worry if you get a little peckish throughout the day, Spanish people have what’s called a merienda, which is basically an afternoon snack served between 5 and 7 pm every day.

Embrace the Siesta

Siestas are a huge component of Spanish culture. This doesn’t just mean a small cat nap after lunch. The country’s ritual influences when businesses are open and closed. If shopping and eating are major parts of your trip to Madrid, remember to plan ahead and incorporate this break in the day in your plans.

Enjoy Free Tapas

It is customary to receive a complimentary tapa (small appetizer-style dish) when you order a drink at a Spanish restaurant. It will likely be a dish of olives, chips or nuts of some variety, or perhaps some cheese and/or cured meats. Free food tastes best!

What To Do in Madrid

Restaurante Botin

Madrid is home to the world’s oldest known restaurant still in operation! Restaurante Botin was founded in 1725 and, for the last 300 years, it has been serving local delicacies that are cooked in an old-school wood oven with fire that has not been extinguished since it was first kindled. Go eat and be part of history!

Fountain of the Fallen Angel

The only monument in the world commemorating the devil is in Madrid’s Retiro Park. The Fountain of the Fallen Angel was sculpted by Ricardo Bellver in 1878 for the World’s Fair in Paris, France. The sculpture is intended to depict Lucifer’s fall from heaven and it is famous not only for its uniqueness but also for its realism and visceral emotion seen on Lucifer’s face.

Augustín Luengo Capilla

Augustín Luengo Capilla was born in 1849 in Puebla de Alcocer in Extremadura. What makes him special is his impressive height. Augustín grew to a staggering heigh of 7 feet and 8 inches, adding him to the list of some of the tallest Spaniards ever to live. Madrid has many museums of note, but the National Museum of Anthropology houses Augustín’s skeleton for people to come drop jaws at.

What NOT to do in Madrid

Order Paella for Dinner

Paella, a Spanish dish consisting of rice and a protein of your choice (most people choose seafood as Spain is surrounded by ocean waters), cooked in a shallow pan. While there’s never a wrong time to eat paella, it is not customary to eat it for dinner. Locals tend to reserve their heavy meals for lunchtime, giving their body enough time to digest before they finally rest for the day.

Order Eggs for Breakfast

While eggs are a common American breakfast food, they are not in Spain. Instead, they are a common dinner dish. Most breakfast eateries in Madrid will not even have eggs on their menu. Instead, order a tosta con tomate for breakfast. This is a piece of a baguette with blended tomatoes, olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt. Start your day off right.

Order One Thing to Eat

Spain made “tapas-style dining” a thing. No one in Madrid, or most places in Spain, order one solitary dish for their meal, especially if they are eating with others. Plates are small, so one dish is unlikely to fill you up unless you are simply looking for a snack. Spanish dishes are made to be shared among a table of friends. Don’t be shy in reaching across to grab a plate you wish to try. That’s how the locals do it!

Main International Airports

There are two international airports in Madrid (Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport and Madrid-Barajas Airport) that handle both domestic and international flights. They, of course, offer business class flights.

Best Time to Visit Madrid

If you’re looking for the least expensive time of year to visit Madrid, go in the winter when crowds are less and prices are cheaper. However, if money is not something you’re worried about, we recommend you visit Madrid during fall or spring. The weather is ideal, not too hot or cold. And the city comes alive with street performers, wafts of delicious smells, and crowds perfect for people watching.

Flying Time from United States to Madrid

A nonstop flight from DC to Madrid, capital to capital, is typically 8 hours on most commercial airliners traveling at 500 mph. Most flights are nonstop but if you’re interested in a multi-stop flight then Voyagu can help find whichever business class flight best suits your schedule.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Madrid

Voyagu does not rank its valued airline partners, but we provide a list of airlines that offer both discounted business class airfare and last-minute business class deals to Madrid. Some of these may not have direct flights while instead arranging comforting connections:

  • United Airlines,
  • American Airlines,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • Lufthansa Airlines,
  • Air Canada.

For this specific destination, try Air Europa, Iberia, or Air Nostrum.

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