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Cheap, Business Class Flights to Italy 

Do you enjoy a powerful cup of espresso? How do you feel about tender pasta wading in flavorful sauces? Can you appreciate aperitifs and digestives that section your meal? What about hundreds of flavors of melt-in-your-mouth gelato? If your mouth is watering, Italy may be in your future.

5 Useful Tips for Traveling to Italy

The Best Cities to Visit


Rome, also known as Urbs Aeterna, The Eternal City. In Virgil’s epic, Aeneid, the poet describes Rome as, “imperium sine fine,” meaning, “an empire without an end.” While the Roman empire did in fact come to a screeching halt, Rome is still deemed one of the most important cities in all of Italy. With its many government buildings and its two international airports that hundreds of thousands of tourists visit every year, Rome has earned the nickname, “Caput Mundi” or “Capital of the World.”


Florence, or Firenze as the locals call it, is home to some of history’s most famous works of art. This phenomenal city hosts two of, arguably, the best art pieces by, arguably, the greatest artist to ever live. Both Michelangelo’s David and the Pietà dwell within the borders of Florence.


Milan is the “Caput Mundi” of fashion. Most visitors show off their designer outfits with photos in front of the Duomo di Milano or the Milan Cathedral. Milan was damaged greatly during World War II. However, it’s impressive recovery catalyzed an economic boom that is responsible for massive financial expansion in all of Italy.


Venice is a city built on water. This makes for festive selfies with canal drivers. Hop on a boat at the Grand Canal, float through St. Mark’s Square, and glide underneath the famous Bridge of Sighs. Don’t dally – the sea may prove stronger than Venice in the years to come. Venice has reported 166 high water instances in the last two decades; the sea water degrades the old architecture and increases the risks of structural failures. Coined one of the most romantic cities on the planet, visit Venice before it’s too late.

Top Places to Visit

Hot Springs in Saturnia

Visit the relaxing thermal baths in Saturnia. Naturally warm from the organic sulfur pumping underneath the water, the small pools and waterfalls offer a soothing rest after a long drive up the hills of Tuscany.

Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius

When visiting Naples, be sure to take the guided tour of Pompeii. You will be lucky enough to have a trained tour guide give you a thorough historical explanation of life in Italy both before and after Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. You’ll be able to see the infamous volcano throughout the entirety of the tour. Be sure to grab a slice of pizza in Naples, where the dish was founded!

Mount Etna

If you enjoyed the views of Mt. Vesuvius, then you’ll love the views of Mount Etna. While on the island of Sicily, traveled to by boat, ferry, or plane, feast your eyes upon the volcano and feast your mouth upon the traditional seafood dishes of Sicilia. Hiking and skiing trails are offered on Etna’s slope.

Main International Airports in Italy

The data below is from Assaeroporti, The Association of Italian Airport Management Companies.

The busiest international airports in Italy as of 2020 were:

  • Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (Rome)
  • Malpensa Airport (Milan)
  • Il Caravaggio International Airport (Milan)
  • Marco Polo Airport (Venice)
  • Naples International Airport (Naples)
  • Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (Catania)
  • Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (Bologna)
  • Linate Airport (Milan)
  • Ciampino-G.B. Pastine International Airport (Rome)

Best Time to Visit

According to multiple sources, both local and international, the best times to visit Italy are during the spring and fall seasons. This is because of two main reasons: the weather is better and there are less people.

When the weather is comfortable, Italian flora comes to life. Trees bloom, flowers blossom, and a light breeze usurps the strength of the European heat. Italy during this time of year looks good and feels good.

As school is still in session and most people are working, spring and fall host less crowds than other months. Economically speaking, less demand means less supply, which means lower prices. Italy is cheapest to visit during these months.

Flying to from United States to Italy

  1. A flight in business class to the west coast of Italy from the east coast of The United States is roughly 14 hours, with one or two stops.
  2. Flying business class to the east coast of Italy from the west coast of The United States will take you roughly 30 hours, with one or two stops.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Italy 

Voyagu works with all international airlines that offer high-end ticket options. While Voyagu cannot determine which airlines are better or worse than others, please see this short list of possible airlines to book with (in no particular order). All offer both discounted and last-minute business class deals to Italy.

Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines

How to Get the Cheapest Business Class Tickets to Italy with Voyagu

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