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Europe Travel Guide

Prague: the largest city in Czechia. The city with the biggest and most bumping club in Central Europe. The city in which locals consume the most beer in the world. The city that holds one of the world’s grandest castles. Prague, or Praha as the locals call it, the city you’ll never want to leave.

3 Useful Tips for Traveling to Prague

Koruna, not Euro

While the Czech Republic is indeed part of the European Union, the euro is not the dominant currency. While both the American USD and the euro are likely accepted at most well-known tourist destinations, please be sure to keep some Czech Koruna (CZK) on you for any small purchases. Remember to withdraw money from a reputable ATM to get the best deal. Always try to be conscious and careful when withdrawing money from an ATM; Prague has more than eight million tourists every year, which is a breeding ground for robberies and pickpockets.

Long-Term Ticket

Prague offers an efficient and easy public transportation system. If you plan on taking advantage of it at least twice in a day, it is in your favor to purchase a long-term ticket. You can purchase both a 24 or a 72-hour ticket that is able to be used on trams, metros, and busses interchangeably. Look for the yellow ticket machines that are available at every transportation station. You must have exact change; machines do not accept bills. Or you can get the PID Lítačka app via Google Play or the Apple Store and purchase your tickets online. Be sure to validate your tickets. Keep in mind that some places also expect you to have a ticket for your luggage.

10% Tip

10% is the official customary tip to provide a restaurant waiter or waitress. You are free to offer 15% if you feel the service was exceptional. Be sure to check the bill before you add the tip. Some places add the service fee to the bill before is presented to you.

What To Do in Prague

Astronomical Clock Show

Every single hour on the hour, crowds flock the Prague’s Astronomical Clock to bear witness to the famous clock show. Intricate figurines dance on the clock as the skeleton flips its hourglass on display. Even if you don’t make it to the clock show, the clock tower is a beautiful sight to be seen at any time of day.

See the “City of 100 Spires”

Prague is a city best viewed from above. Admire the “City of 100 Spires” by finding the best vantage points that will provide stellar views of the city’s scale and scope. Here are a few places you can ascend to reach those views:

  • Clementinum
  • Petrin Hill & Lookout Tower

Old Town Bridge Tower & Lesser Town Bridge Tower


Prague’s city center has many bars. However, city centers are magnets for tourists. If you are interested in tasting some classic Czech cocktails without the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds, Zizkov is where you want to be. There are more bars per square kilometer in Zizkov than any other neighborhood in Prague, which, keep in mind, is a city known for its absinthe bars. Happy bar-hopping!

What NOT to do in Prague

Matryoshka Dolls

Many tourists invest in matryoshka, or babushka, dolls as a souvenir from Prague. Because of their inherent link back to the former USSR, these dolls are not enjoyed by most locals. They are a reminder of the painful past of communist rule that the country is working so hard to evolve beyond. Respect Czech history and purchase local trinkets (some examples being crystal glass, crystal beads, handmade woodwork) instead of that of their oppressive neighbor. Same goes for fluffy Russian hats, any memorabilia featuring the sickle and hammer and any other Soviet paraphernalia.

Padlocks on Bridges

The famous Pont Neuf in Paris, or more commonly known as “The Love Lock Bridge,” had a section collapse in 2014. Not because of faulty architecture or weathered erosion but because of the unaccounted weight from the piled-on padlocks. Tons of metal weighed down the bridge, compromising its structural integrity and plummeting thousands of lost promises. Now, Prague authorities remove any found love locks to protect historical bridges and prevent a second collapse.

Draw on John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall has been a symbol of rejection of Soviet communist rule since the 1980’s. People used to come from all over to leave their mark on this famous structure. However, in October of 2019, the local government closed the attraction and instead transformed it into an open-air gallery. The government commissioned professional Czech artists to decorate it much like the murals on the East Side Gallery in Berlin as an attempt to deter drunk tourists from loitering and vandalizing this sacred space. The wall reopened in 2019 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and people, locals and tourists alike, are invited to stroll the length of the wall and use it as a backdrop for their photos, but please withstand from making your own mark.

Main International Airports

There are 4 main international airports in Prague. Business class flights are offered at each airport.

Best Time to Visit Prague

Good weather always brings crowds, and crowds often increase hotel prices. So to avoid both the crowds of tourist and the inflated prices, visit Prague in the spring or early fall. The city has a relatively cool climate so the summer months draw the most attention. Do not fear visiting Prague in the wintertime, though. It is a beautiful place year-round.

Flying Time from United States to Prague

The average flight from DC to Prague, capital to capital, is roughly 10 hours, typically with one layover, though there are almost always nonstop flights available. Voyagu can help find whichever business class flight that best suits your schedule.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Prague

Voyagu does not rank its valued airline partners, but we provide a list of airlines that offer both discounted business class airfare and last-minute business class deals to Prague.

Some of these may not have direct flights while instead arranging comforting connections:

  • United Airlines,
  • American Airlines,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • Lufthansa Airlines,
  • Air France,
  • Air Canada.
  • Czech Airlines.

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