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Belgium is home to many famous namesakes: Audrey Hepburn (she was born in Ixelles), The Communist Manifesto (Marx and Engles wrote it in Brussels), Robert Cailliau (co-inventor of the World Wide Web). Thanks to Belgium, you’re able to read this article. Find out more about what makes Belgium such a marvelous destination below.

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Useful Tips for Traveling to Belgium

Pace Yourself

Colloquial drinkers joke that beer is a “marathon, not a sprint.” However, that may not be as true in Belgium. The average American beer has an average alcohol-by-volume (ABV) of 4.5% whereas a standard beer in Belgium is much higher. Classic Belgian beers can reach up to 9%! Pace yourself and be sure to eat a heavy dinner and drink lots of water.

Pack an Umbrella

Belgium enjoys similar weather to England in that it is frequently damp. Brussels itself experiences an average of 140 soggy days every year! While you should indeed prepare for rainy weather, don’t go overboard. The rain in Belgium is not particularly heavy; you won’t see too many torrential downpours. Instead, you’ll enjoy a very light misting of rain quite frequently.

Cycle the City

Belgium is a bike-friendly country. Plenty of locals use bicycles as their main method of transportation. Join in the crowds and rent a bike for yourself! There are bike lanes and helmets to keep you safe along the way.

What To Do in Belgium

Get some Chocolate

Belgium is famous for many things, chocolate being one of the most well-known. We mention souvenirs in many articles and we couldn’t let this one slide without mentioning Belgian chocolate. There are many places to buy high-quality chocolate throughout your travels, but the best place to do so is in fact at the airport. The Zaventem airport actually sells the most chocolate in the entire world. An average of 1.6kg of chocolate is sold every single minute. Do your family a favor and buy some on your way out of the country.

Enjoy a Belgian Waffle

We’ve mentioned two of Belgium’s claims to fame, beer and chocolate, but we haven’t yet discussed Belgian waffles! You may have had a waffle before but never one like this. Belgian waffles are thicker than their American sibling, typically topped with whipped cream, icing, or jam as opposed to syrup. Some establishments even go as far as to top their Belgian waffles with ice cream. Treat yourself to a cultural tradition.

Cruise the Canals

Many cities in Belgium are built atop water. A great way to travel around these cities is to take a canal tour. Climb aboard and let yourself be serenaded by the water and the tour guide proffering neat facts about Belgium’s rich history.

What NOT to do in Belgium

Shop on Sundays

Buying souvenirs for friends and family back home is a must-do for any trip you take. However, be warned, most shops in Belgium are closed on Sundays. Plan your shopping ahead and make sure you get all you need before the new week begins.


Most restaurant establishments include gratuity within the lunch bill. So no need to worry about tipping unless you were overly impressed with the service of your waitstaff.

Be Naïve

Belgium has a reputation for being relatively low on crime. Resultingly, this gives Belgians themselves the reputation of being nothing but friendly and considerate. While of course that may be true for the majority of locals, there are bad apples in every tree. Don’t be naïve enough to think that zero crime occurs within Belgian borders. Many American tourists have been known to be trusting enough to leave their cars unlocked, leading to thefts. Always be on your guard while traveling.

Main International Airports

There are 5 international airports in Belgium, all offering business class flights.

  1. Brussels-Zaventem Airport
  2. Charleroi Airport
  3. Ostend Bruges Airport
  4. Antwerp Airport
  5. Liege Airport

Best Time to Visit Belgium

The best time of year to visit Belgium is anywhere between April and October. This is a big gap for sure, but during these months you’ll find the best weather and an abundant number of festivals and other fun activities.

Flying Time from United States to Belgium

Capital to capital, a flight from U.S. to  Belgium is usually more than 8 hours on a nonstop flight.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Belgium

Voyagu does not rank its valued airline partners, but we provide a list of airlines that offer both discounted business class airfare and last-minute business class deals to Belgium. Some of these may not have direct flights while instead arranging comforting connections:

  • United Airlines,
  • American Airlines,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • Lufthansa Airlines,
  • Air Canada.

For this specific destination, try Brussels Airlines.

How to Get Business Class Fares to Belgium with Voyagu

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