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Cheap business class flights to the Damascus

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How do I travel to Damascus?

Damascus is an ancient city with a rich culture and multi-layered history, making it one of the top travel spots in the Middle East. It can be difficult to plan out trips to the region because of its location, but getting to Damascus from abroad is relatively straightforward by most standards. The city is well connected by airplane, with direct flights from many locations in Europe and major cities in the Middle East such as Amman, Dubai, and Bahrain. Additionally, there are options for luxury buses if you’re looking for a more picturesque journey through neighboring countries. Whether it’s by air or land, traveling to Damascus is both possible and impressive; a road trip may not provide the speediest route but could easily become one of your most exciting travels yet.

Why should you visit Damascus?

As the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Damascus offers an unparalleled experience for any traveler. Located in western Syria, this ancient city has been a hub of civilization and culture for centuries, and even today, one can find many examples of its rich history. From legendary souks and bazaars to monuments erected ages ago, there is something remarkable around every corner. The food and hospitality of locals is warm and inviting – it truly feels like you’re part of the community when you visit here. Beyond that, taking a walk along Damascus’ streets gives you a better understanding of Eastern culture, architecture, fashion and traditional crafts. Whether it’s an educational or leisurely trip – a visit to Damascus is sure to be unforgettable!

Is it safe to travel to Damascus?

Syria is not the place to be right now. Safety concerns are high due ongoing armed conflict and air strikes, kidnappings or terrorist attacks can happen at any time – so stay safe! Oct 20, 2022

Airports in Damascus

Airports in Damascus offer an exciting gateway into the marvelous city. With the Damascus International Airport and Mezze Air Base acting as essential points of entry and exit, officials have made efforts to keep travelers safe and secure throughout their transit experiences. Though small compared to other major airports around the world, these two airports provide adequate service to commuters ranging from those traveling for business to tourists navigating the region. Thanks to updated infrastructure and additional safety protocols implemented over recent years, visitors feel carried away by a sense of security as they navigate the possibilities Damascus Airports have to offer!

Best Time to Visit Damascus

The best time to visit Damascus is in the springtime. From late March until early June, temperatures are mild and pleasant, ranging from low to mid-50s in the morning to low 80s by late afternoon. This makes it a perfect time of year for exploring the city’s Old City on foot. The mild weather also creates an ideal setting for sightseeing and visiting local cafes, restaurants, and attractions like the Citadel of Damascus and Umayyad Mosque. May brings forth radiant wildflowers that add a splash of color to the many parks and gardens found throughout city. With long days filled with sunshine and comfortable temperatures, there perhaps is no better time to experience all this ancient city has to offer than during the spring months.

Flying Time from United States to Damascus

The total flight duration from United States to Damascus is 12 hours, 15 minutes.

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Damascus

  • Emirates,
  • Etihad Airways,
  • British Airways,
  • American Airlines,
  • United Airlines,
  • Air France

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