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Cheap, Business Class Flights to Australia

Why should you visit Australia? The list is long. Offering some of the greatest adventure activities known to man, Australia is more than a tourist trap. It is a tourist web – travelers get stuck there and never leave. Snorkeling The Great Barrier Reef, cage diving with sharks, surfing epic waves, Australian beaches are like none other. With a mainland of 2.9 million miles squared, there is much to do on land as well. Scroll down to learn what Aussie has to offer. 

5 Useful Tips for Traveling to Australia

Learn the Language 

You might be thinking, “wait, I thought they spoke English in Australia.” And, technically, you’re right. But the English they speak down under is a bit different than the one spoken in England or America.

Here are some examples of the differences: 

Thongs = flip flops, not panties 

Tomato sauce = ketchup, not tomato sauce 

Chuck a U-ey = make a U-turn 

Weather is Different Depending on Where you are 

It’s no secret that Australia is hot. But “hot” feels different depending on where in Aussie you are. Perth is notoriously dry while Brisbane is notoriously humid. Cold summers can be felt in Hobart while Darwin is home to a year-long hot summer. Australia is a big land mass and its weather varies greatly. 

Smoking is Expensive 

Smoking is not a cheap habit in Australia like it is in America. One pack of cigarettes will cost you at least $40 USD. Smoking is not illegal, but it is financially prohibited. 


While Australia is a tech-savvy, forward-thinking country, not everywhere has strong internet access. In some areas, the internet is slow, expensive, and frustrating. If your work demands your attention or you miss seeing your friends on social media, consider getting a hotspot. This is a valuable investment that can save you endless hours and efforts. 


000 is Australia’s 911. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. 

The Best Things To Do in Australia


AFL, Australian Football League (or nicknamed Aussie Rules Football) and rugby dominate Australian televisions. While football is #1 globally and American football dominates the US, AFL and rugby are essential to Australian culture. Go to a game, chant the songs, drink local beer, and cheer on these bruised and bloodied players. 


Aussies love their barbies. On any given weekend, you can find Australians crowded around a barbeque, with the mouthwatering scents of meats flooding your nostrils. Feel free to join in, but don’t you dare show up to a BBQ empty handed. Bring meat, a side dish, beer or wine, and you’ll be welcomed like family. 


Sunbathe, surf, or swim. Australian beaches are some of the best in the world. Keep in mind two important details: sunscreen is a must. Travelers who aren’t accustomed to the heat of Aussieland have said their skin feels as though it is “sizzling.” Bask in the coolness of the shade whenever you can. Second: swim between the flags. Sharks enjoy the waters of Australia’s beaches so flags are put in place to provide extra caution. Don’t swim alone and don’t dare stray beyond those flags. 

Aboriginal Customs 

Australia is built atop the land of the indigenous peoples. Pay your respects by visiting some of their ancient tribes. Respects can be paid at ceremonies, meetings, and events that are held widely around Australia. Many tribes request that no pictures be taken of them or their customs. To have one’s photo taken is deemed culturally inappropriate as the image that is captured on film, felt by the tribe’s to be one’s spirit, is removed from their control forever. Aboriginal tribes believe spirits are more important than physical bodies and they do everything in their power to protect them. 

Flat White 

An espresso-based beverage mixed with steamed milk, flat whites were invented in Australia. The drink gets its name because its foam appears “flatter” than that of a cappuccino or latte. Try it out!

Main International Airports

There are over 13 international airports in Australia. Below are the largest and busiest of that selection, all of which offer business class flights. 

  • Melbourne International Airport
  • Adelaide Airport
  • Brisbane International Airport
  • Perth International Airport

Best Time to Visit Australia

Australian summers begin in December and end in February. The temperature during this season ranges from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. This is the best season to visit during because there are a plethora of world-class sports tournaments as well as festive holiday celebrations. 

Flying Time from United States to Australia

The average flight from the USA to Australia is 19 hours and 26 minutes. You can find nonstop flights, but we do not recommend it. Instead, Voyagu recommends you purchase a business class flight with multiple stop options for more convenience. 

Best Business Class Airlines to Fly to Australia

Voyagu does not rank its valued airline partners, but we provide a list of airlines that offer both discounted business class airfare and last-minute business class deals to Australia. Some of these may not have direct flights while instead arranging comforting connections:

  • United Airlines,
  • American Airlines,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • Lufthansa Airlines,
  • KLM,
  • Air France, and Air Canada.

For this specific destination, try Australian Airlines. Contact Voyagu to find the cheapest flights to Australia