What are the benefits of flying business class?

The benefits of flying business class greatly outweigh the detriments. Firstly, before you even get to your gate, most airlines offer dedicated check-ins for business class passengers. Some offer valet parking with curbside bag services, to make arriving and departing from the airport a seamless experience. Other airlines offer expedited security options for business class flyers, even if they do not have TSA pre-check. This will save you time, and let’s be honest, frustration. No one enjoys waiting in those long security lines. Elite airlines provide personal assistants to help them navigate complicates airports. Personal assistants don’t travel on the plane with you, but they’ll connect you to a specific flight attendant who has been prepped of your wants and needs and will cater to you while in flight.

Select airlines welcome business class passengers to their airport lounges as a more esteemed alternative to waiting in the gate. Many of these lounges come equipped with comfortable couches and/or reclining chairs, open bars and buffets, as well as electrical outlets and Wi-Fi. The most premium lounges have spas, showers, and/or private rooms for passengers who are weary from extensive travel. These lounges are much more comfortable than finding a cramped spot on the floor to squat until your plane boards.

In terms of boarding, business class passengers enjoy being welcomed onto the plane before economy passengers (after elderly passengers, military members, and travelers with disabilities, of course). This allows you extended time to situate your bag in the overhead cabin (which often has more volume than economy cabins) and get comfortable in your seat. Many flight attendants will offer you a beverage before the economy passengers are allowed to board.

While flying, business class allows you to enjoy the luxuries of top tier travel. Lay back in seats that recline more than economy seats, some reclining to a full 180 degrees. These seats are often thicker, more comfortable leather seats than those farther back on the plane. Business class seats are also wider and offer more legroom than their economy counterparts. There are fewer seats in the business cabin, allowing more space between each passenger. Each seat is angled to maximize privacy, with some planes even equipped with privacy doors. All planes provide amenity packages to business class passengers with gifts like slippers, pajamas, blankets, pillows, ear plugs, headphones, and more. Not to mention the food and drink options are much more than a step above economy options. Business class in-flight menus offer a la carte dining, full gourmet meals, snacks, and appetizers often served on fine China or crystal. Drink menus typically have a selection of champagnes, wines, liquors, and cocktails – and of course, the usual assortment of juices sodas.