Is it safe to buy business tickets from flight consolidators?

It is as safe to purchase business class flights from consolidators than it is to purchase them yourself online, if not more so. Consolidators provide personalized travel agents to help you organize your flight from start to finish. These agents know everything there is to know about travel and they often think of things travelers do not, such as arranging travel from the airport to your hotel after a midnight-flight. They will often know about discounted business class tickets before you do. These agents provide constant support and are completely transparent about all flight details. They keep you in the loop, but they also manage the difficult details so you don’t have to.

The symbiotic relationship between airlines and consolidators proves its legitimacy. Airlines wouldn’t continue to reach out to consolidators if they didn’t follow through on their commitment to secure many flights. Similarly, consolidators would not continue to reach out to airlines if they didn’t have many interested parties, hopefully, like you.